After School Clubs

Autumn Term 2017

Listed below are the after school clubs that are running during the Autumn Term 2017. A letter will be sent home informing you of the clubs that have been allocated to your child.

Monday     3.30-4.30pm     Running     Yrs3-6     Miss Whitworth

Monday     3.30-4.30pm     Taiko Drumming     Yrs3-6     Miss Grist

Monday     3.30-4.30pm     Dodgeball     Yrs3-4     Miss Gibb

Monday     3.30-4.30pm     Football League     Yrs4-6     Mr Dawe / Miss Stanbury

Monday     3.30-4.30pm     Mathletics     Yrs2-3     Mrs Pearce


Tuesday     3.30-4.30 pm    Go Noodle     Yrs1-4     Miss Walker

Tuesday     3.30-4.30pm     Art Club     Yrs2-4     Mrs Pratt

Tuesday     3.30-4.30pm     Netball     Yrs3-6     Mrs Brooker / Mrs Jenner

Tuesday     3.30-4.30pm     Fun Dance     Yrs3-6     Mr Duesa


Wednesday     3.30-4.30     Arrow Tag     Yrs3-6     Premier Sport

Wednesday     3.30-4.30     Mini Rugby     Yrs1-2     Minis Academy


Thursday     3.30-4.30     Gymnastics     Yrs1-2     Premier Sport

Thursday     3.30-4.30     Tag Rugby     Yrs3-6     Miss Stanbury

Thursday     3.30-4.30     Drama     Yrs3-4     Miss Yelland

Thursday     3.30-4.30     Origami     Yrs4-6     Miss Bellew