Premier Sport Football tournament

Our Year 5 and 6’s took part in Inspire to Compete tournament organised by Premier sport. Both teams played against local Exeter schools including themselves!

They had a fantastic afternoon playing as a team. Have a look at our photos.



Premier Sport Netball

Premier sport organised a netball tournament at Willowbrook with other schools they work with. We had a Year 5 and a year 6 team. It was a fantastic competition and our year 6 team came away with silver medals! It was slow close it came down to goal difference as they won the same number games.




Gifted and Talented

20 children from Key Stage 2 attend every half term a gifted and talented day organised by St Luke’s sport and Science College. This time the children learnt all about the ‘eat well plate’ and chose a balanced plate to eat!

They took part in athlete visualisation activity where the children have to visualise themselves winning a race or scoring a goal!

Dan Green from Exeter City football academy gave them an exciting football session where they could practise visualisation.

Finally Miss Hookway encouraged the children to use visualisation in Kickball game.




30 of our Year 3’s had a go in a Tri-golf tournament. Lots of the children were nervous because they hadn’t been to St Luke’s before or played golf! Despite this the children had a fantastic time and relished in the new challenge! They had 8 games to play which involved concentrating on areas to get the most points and using new sports equipment.

One of our teams were awarded with ‘Spirit of the games’ medals which is one of the best prizes you can get. This is because children are awarded because they have shown the values: respect, teamwork, self-belief, determination, honesty and passion!

Well done Year 3!



Year 2 Exeter City football tournament

Year 2 took part in an indoor 6-a-side football tournament run by Exeter City. They played Duchy, Whipton Barton Infants and Bowhill and won all their matches. The children showed great football skils and teamwork. The children had a fantastic time and are looking forward to play some friendly matches with these schools in the future.




Year 3 & 4 Football

A selection of our Year 3 and 4’s played Football at two tournaments at St Luke’s. We were playing against local Exeter schools and it was a tough competition!

The children showed fantastic teamwork skills and support to their fellow team mates. The children showed great self-belief and determination to be successful. Willowbrook team came third and got given some flashy bronze medals! Sephé was voted as our player’s player. Player’s player is chosen by the team who they feel has demonstrated the Willowbrook values.

Well done team!



Year 5 & 6 Football

A selection of our Year 5 and 6 played Football at two tournaments at St Luke’s. We were playing against local Exeter schools and it was a tough competition!

The children have made so much progress over the year and are now a tough team to beat. They played with great determination and Tyler saved some fantastic goals! Bader has some amazing ball control skills and is an excellent striker!

The boys played extremely well and came second in the competition. They were awarded some impressive Silver medals!

Fantastic football boys!



Hockey Tournament @ St Luke’s Friday 7th November

Miss Stanbury & Miss Whitworth took 8 year 5&6’s to St luke’s to take part in a Sainbury’s school games competition against other Exeter primary schools.

The children played 5 games very well. They won 2, drew 2 and lost one and game second overall. The children showed excellent Teamwork and the captain demonstrated great leadership skills! It was a fantastic way to spend a cold, wet Friday evening! Well done team J



U12's Futsal competition

Mr Collings and selection of boys from Year 5 and 6 took part in U12’s Futsal competition. Mr Collings was very impressed with the boys ability to play as a team. The boys won several matches and came 4th in their pool.

Players player was Eli! Well done Eli.