Pupil Handbook

                                                     Frequently Asked Questions


We asked some of the children at Willowbrook School what they wanted to find out when they were new…here are their questions and answers:-

If you can think of some other questions, why not use the ‘contact us’ function on this website?

What happens at lunch time?

We play with our friends outside or there are activities to play with the dinner ladies. If you don’t want to go outside, there is a quiet club in the library where you can play cards, board games or read.

What do you have for school dinners?

Lots of different meals but my favourite is fish and chips on a Friday!

Are there afterschool clubs?

Yes there are lots of school clubs like fitness club, rugby, football, gymnastics, homework, bike club, board games and drumming clubs. We do have some clubs at lunchtimes too.

Do you have a break time?

Yes we get a morning play for 15 minutes

Do you go on any trips or residentials?

Yes, they are very exciting. The year threes have been to a farm and the year sixes have been to Heatree in Dartmoor for a week. All the classes go on day trips.

Why should I come to your school?

Because it is fun and enjoyable and get a good education!

Do you have a school council? What have they done?

The school council organised a children in need day where we had to dress up as superheroes. They have bought a friendship bench and set up a school newspaper.

What do if I don't understand the work?

You can ask an adult or ask your friends in the class. Our teachers give us challenges so we can pick a bronze, silver or gold activity. Sometimes an adult will help you in the afternoons and do some extra work with you if you still don’t understand. We have our steps 2 success on the walls so we know what to do.

How do people say “well done"?

You can get merits and get a certificate in Friday flyers assembly. The year sixes get green points for good learning behaviour. If we show we are using our school values (friendship, respect, excellence and teamwork) we get given a token and go up in Monday’s assembly.





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