Friends of Willowbrook

Friends of Willowbrook is our Parent Teacher Association.  We work together to raise money for our school, through exciting and fun events.  Successful events in the past have included our film nights, discos, ladies fashion show, Christmas cards, as well as our annual summer and Christmas fetes.

Friends of Willowbrook have helped to raise over £10,000 over the past few years, thanks to all of the hard work and dedication of our members. Some of this money has been used to buy some new playground storage and equipment, such as our stage, a Storyteller Circle for our orchard and a Polytunnel for our outdoor learning.

Our PTA is more than just fundraising.  It provides links between home and school and is an excellent way of bringing together, parents, staff and members of the local community in support of our school.

Friends of Willowbrook meet regularly after school and anyone is able to attend – the more the merrier! We also have our own Facebook page, Friends of Willowbrook, where you can find out about events and how you can become involved. 

We are always looking for new recruits and even if you are unable to help regularly, or give only a little of your time, we always welcome more volunteers for fresh ideas and inspiration.  If you would like to support this friendly group of parents and staff to plan and organise fun events for the children, or would like to find out more, your class teacher can point you in the right direction.  

For booking and payment of Friends of Willowbrook events please follow the link below:

Thank you for your continued support. 

Friends of Willowbrook


Chair – Miss Hill

Vice Chair – Mrs Chenery-Sharland

Treasurers – Mrs Pearce

Secretary – Miss Hill & Mrs Chenery-Sharland

Marketing – Mrs Alford


Summer Fete 2016





We have recently spent some of the money that you have worked hard to raise.  The school council chose a stage and a shelter for our playground.  


In addition to this fantastic new equipment, we have also contributed to the repairs of our existing playground climbing equipment. 

We are currently saving up to fence our new pond area and to purchase some chickens for our orchard area!