Willowbrook School Newsletter

7th May 2020

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together”

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Another week ticked off in this new way of living and although it is dull and boring at times and there is so much sad news, there are many things to be positive about. One thing that has really struck me over the last month is the positive way that the community of Beacon Heath has worked together at this difficult time.

It seems as if people are taking more time to say thank you and appreciate the work that is going on. Neighbours are talking to each other and there are so many offers of help.

In school, we have been very busy with lessons for the children at home and at school. We realise that sharing computers is not always easy when there are several children needing access, as well as parents who are working from home! We have tried our best to deliver learning packs to homes as well as new exercise books. There is a form to request new books on the website.

A highlight of the week is often the calls home to the children. The staff really miss the children and it is great to stay in touch and have a chat, keeping those relationships going and hearing about all the learning you have been doing. We also love getting emails showing us the work you are doing. Some parents have been posting on twitter as well on @Willowbrook_Exe

The Beacon Centre is quite a hub for local activity and their website is well worth a visit. They have volunteers who can help if you are stuck and unable to collect prescriptions, or need some shopping delivered. Their website is

This week we have also been out delivering breakfast parcels to families. This is thanks to Magic Breakfast who have been an amazing support to the school.

We are really looking forward to seeing your rainbow pictures next week and to see how active you have been! Miss Stanbury has some fantastic prizes lined up for the best rainbow collages …we can put the photos in the next newsletter!

Finally, thank you for all the kind words to school. It really makes a difference when people take the time to say thank you. Keep going with the learning at home and try to remember that this situation will not last forever. Call us at school or email if you need help; don’t sit at home worrying. Take care.

M Marlow