Willowbrook School Newsletter

19th July 2019

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together”

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In this, the last newsletter this year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for their support over the school year. It has been a very busy year as always and I feel the school has moved forward in many ways. Here are just some of the things that have been great about this year.

I am very proud of Year Six and how well they did on the recent SATs assessments. Reading and Maths were in line with National figures and we have doubled the percentage of children with a higher score in maths, which was one of our goals for the year. Children’s writing is still something we need to improve; the children make progress but we would like more to achieve a higher standard. This will be a real focus right across the school next year and we have lots of exciting plans for developing writing.

Year Two did well in their assessments as did the Year One children in their phonics screening and children in Reception made good progress with many making rapid progress. There will be more information about performance data on the school website ready for the new school year.


We have had twenty children achieve ‘Millionaire’ status this year by reading over a million words during the year. At least another twenty have read over half a million words and all the children have been inspired by the Millionaires and are keen to become one next year. They have promised that I will have to spend a fortune buying them each a book at Waterstone’s in town!


The children have loved the new Spelling Bee and Times Table Rock Stars assemblies and it is fantastic to see the way they support each other at the weekly competitions and to feel the buzz about learning in the school.

Early Bird Maths

This has made a big difference already. We introduced this to the children after Easter and it has created such a calm start to the school day. The children have shown real improvement in their arithmetic and this daily practice and routine are undoubtedly contributing. Thank you for making sure they are in school on time and ready to learn.

New Computers

It has been wonderful getting the new Chromebooks in school and this has enabled the children to be so independent in learning their tables, taking reading quizzes and a whole host of other activities.


The nursery children have done some fantastic fundraising and The Big toddle made £314 for Barnardo's; a fantastic cause. The PTA have also worked so hard this year raising money for the school. They have bought books for the children, new computers for the library and much more! Look out for their meetings next year.

It just remains for me to say Good Luck to Year Six in the new chapter of their school life and to wish you all a great summer with your children and we will see you in September.

Term starts on Wednesday 4th September for Years 1-6 and existing nursery children.

PTO for dates


Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 4th September                First day of term for children in Years 1-6 and existing nursery children

Thursday 12th September                  Individual and family photos

Friday 18th October                            Flu vaccinations

Monday 21st – Friday 25th October    Half Term