Willowbrook School Newsletter

5th April 2019

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together”

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you so much to the parents who came to the performance by Key Stage 2 children yesterday. What amazing singing from the children! They learnt so many new lyrics and we have had great fun rehearsing. I am very proud of their achievements yesterday and think we have a school full of great children. Thank you also to the staff who joined the choir and modelled for the children that it is ok to stand up in front of an audience, be a bit nervous and then go for it!

I hope that you have a great Easter break with your families and loved ones and look forward to seeing you back for the summer term, when hopefully the sunshine will return with you!

Parents Evening

Please note we have had to change the dates for parents evening, they will now be held on Tuesday 30th April and Wednesday 1st May.

Extra Support Maps

Children in 4C and 5P will receive their extra support maps when Mr Collings and Mrs Pratt return at the beginning of next term.

Some reminders for next term:

•              Please do not approach other children or other parents if you have an issue or concern. It causes so much unnecessary                 distress to everyone. If you have a concern, please come and see me or Mr Pearson or Mrs Ellor; there is almost always                 someone available. If no one is available, please make an appointment with the office.

•              We are changing the time of the back gate shutting! Doors open at 8.45am and school starts at 8.50am. Many parents                   seem to think they can come anytime between 8.50am and 9am but this is not the case and it is disruptive to learning if                   children are late. Children in years 1-6 will be coming in to start work on Early Bird maths at 8.50am.

•              The lane that runs alongside the playing field is having drainage work done along it during the Easter break.


One of our parents had someone damage their car over in the Arena car park last week. If anyone witnessed anything, please can you let the office know and we can inform the parent.

Thank you

Finally…Thank you to the PTA for all their hard work this term. What a fantastic idea for the children to be able to buy Mothers’ Day presents! It was so touching to see how much effort and thought the children put into choosing something. The children loved the discos and so much effort had gone into organising the games for them. We are always looking for new faces to join the PTA, so pop into the office if you would like details of meetings; you will be made very welcome.

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 23rd April                                                              First Day of Summer Term

Tuesday 30th April and Wednesday 1st May                      Parents Evening

Monday 13th – Friday 17th May                                          Year 6 SATS Week

24th-26th June 2019                                                            Year 3 Residential to Magdalen Farm

7th-11th October 2019                                                         Year 6 Residential to Heatree