17th July 2020


This will be the last newsletter this year and there is a letter attached with all the arrangements that we know about for September. There is a lot of information so it may need reading more than once! It will all be posted on the school website. This does remain subject to change but we will update you in at the start of September to confirm arrangements and any changes.

Thank you for all the support you have given the school over the year both before and after Covid! We have learnt a lot about becoming adaptable and hope we keep some of the positives as we move to the next stage of the process.

School finishes on Tuesday at the normal time and we look forward to seeing all the children returning on Monday 7th September.


Message from PTA

Thank you to everyone who has helped support us over the last year, you have done amazingly and it has meant we have been able to buy some amazing things for the children. The way we fundraiser Will be a little different for a while and we hope you will still be able to support any way you can. We have set up our own PTA website which will have all information regarding events and fundraising, going forward we hope to be able to use this for card payments for discos etc. 

The website is 

We currently have a virtual balloon race you can sign up for and a school lottery. 

We hope you have a lovely summer and remember to keep an eye on our website.