Year 6

Kensuke’s Kingdom

Year 6 linked all of their learning to the book Kensuke’s Kingdom throughout the autumn term. Throughout this unit, they learnt how to survive on a deserted island. With help from the Wildlife trust, we learnt how to: start a fire, create shelter, make rope, nettle tea and forage for safe food. 


River Otter

Our topic is called ‘where does the water from my drink come from?’ Year 6 have been learning about the water cycle, features of rivers and how people have been inspired by water such as poets and painters. We went on a class trip to the River Otter and identified all of the river features such as a confluence, meander, estuary, mouth, tributary, weir, deposition, erosion and transportation. When we got to the mouth (Budleigh Salterton), we had a great time creating sculptures inspired by Goldsworthy and paddling in the sea.



Rivers Immersion Day

At the beginning of Autumn term 2, Year 6 had a rivers immersion day to kick start their topic. First of all, the children worked in groups trying to answer questions to see what they knew about water and rivers. Everyone had different thoughts as to where water comes from so we are going to have to investigate that this term! The children got into family groups and rotated around different activities to build on their river vocabulary and learnt about rivers around the world. In the afternoon, children used this knowledge to help them build rivers out of foil. More points were given to rivers with different features (e.g. tributaries, deltas, widening mouth of the river).




Year 6 had a fantastic week away at Heatree House on Dartmoor in October. Throughout the week, we worked towards earning the NOLA (National Outdoor Learning Award) by thinking about teamwork, respect and leadership skills in each of the activities we took part in.

We took part in a variety of different activities including abseiling, rock climbing, kayaking, low-adventuring, orienteering, scrambling on Hound Tor, den-building, fire-lighting and cooking. The children had a fantastic time and learnt some valuable life skills which they will take with them onto Secondary school and beyond.





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