Year 4

Autum Term 2017


Magdalen Farm

At the start of the year, Year 4 went to Magdalen Farm in Somerset for two nights and three days. For many children, this was the first time they had stayed away from home for this amount of time. Each class spent a night in the hostel and one night camping. Lots of fun was had by all; feeding and looking after the animals, making dens in the forest (the heavy rain didn't stop us!), as well as toasting marshmallows and singing round the camp fire. It was fantastic to see the children getting stuck in and trying lots of new experiences, getting wet and muddy and working together as a team. A great start to Year 4!

Magdalen Farm   Magdalen Farm   Magdalen Farm


Hatching Chicks!

On returning from Magdalen Farm, Year 4 found 8 new members to 4G - 8 chicks! 12 eggs incubated for 21 days whilst the children waited patiently. Some of the eggs may not have been fertile, although 8 out of 12 eggs was the best that Miss Grist has ever had! The children had lots of fun handling the chicks and sharing them with the rest of the school. The chicks also went on an adventure when they realised they were big enough to jump out of their box! Have a look at Year 4's news paper reports in the classroom to find out more!

Hatching chicks!   Hatching chicks!


Food Market

As part of our 'Are YOU what you eat?' topic, Year 4 put on a food market to sell products and to educate the rest of the school and parents/ visitors. The children worked really hard in the build up to the market, working in small teams to set up their stalls to give all the information they had learnt, designing and budgeting their products and then baking them! Lots of Fairtrade, Red Tractor and local products were used in the making of some yummy chocolate and banana muffins and apple cakes. The children decided on a charity to raise their money for and ensured that their budgeting meant there would be a profit at the end!

Food Market   Food Market


Scribble Robots

In the second half of the Autumn term, our topic was 'Are robots taking over the world?'. Lots of us think they are, when we realised just how often robots are used and how many there are around us! Once we learnt all about electricity and electrical circuits, we put this knowledge to the test and made some scribble robots! Every trio worked well together and created a working scribble robot, creating a variety of scribbles!



Electrical Christmas Cards

The final project of our electricity unit was finished off by creating electrical Christmas cards. The children had to design a card that included a light bulb that would light up. They then created an electrical circuit with a switch to go on the inside of the card using a LED light bulb, 3V battery and copper tape. Although it was a fiddly task, all the children persevered well and everyone went home with a working Christmas card for a family memebr! If you would like to know how to make your own, come and read our instructions on the writing we are proud of wall in the classroom!




What makes good vibrations?

At the start of the Spring term, year 4 had a day of exploring sound, how it travels and how it can be changed. This included a variety of experiments; identifying the change of pitch in jam jars with water inside, hearing the vibrations made from a cooling rack when you attach string from the rack to your ears and watching rice on a drum vibrate when it is hit. This was a fantastic start to the topic where children came up with lots of questions that we will now investigate during the rest of the topic! 







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