Year 1

Challenge Time

Year One deliver some of their curriculum through Challenge time. We plan six activities that are linked to our Topic that teach the children key skills. The children then have two afternoons to complete the activities. They get to make decisions and take responsibility for their learning by choosing which order they do the activities and who they work with. We have talked a lot about why it is called Challenge Time and the children know that they must ‘challenge’ themselves to complete the activities in the allocated time and ‘challenge’ themselves to do the best that they can. They love Challenge time and it is great to hear them talking so enthusiastically about their learning. They are having fun, learning new skills and developing great learning behaviours.

Year One have been having lots of fun in Challenge Time. We try hard to link our Challenge activities to our Topic in exciting, practical ways. The children have been responding well and many are now challenging themselves without being prompted to do so. 




 Plymouth Aquarium

Year One started this half term with a trip to Plymouth National Marine Aquarium. We had so much fun and saw some amazing sea creatures.

“I really liked seeing the sharks because they were so big and they have lots of water to swim in” (Sam)

“I like the Aquarium so much. The Stingrays are my best bit; they look friendly all the time” (Grace F) 

“The Aquarium had an octopus. They are so funny because they stick to the glass” (George) 

“I think the Starfish were my favourite part. They have a nice pool and stick to the rocks” (Daisy)



















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