Year 1

Weather Experts

Year 1 have been so lucky. Devon Wildlife Trust have come in to help us become Weather Experts! We are learning about coordinates, compass points and weather patterns across the globe.



Letter Writing

We have written letters to our Grandparents inviting them in for afternoon tea. We are so excited to have them in. We wrote and addressed our letters and walked them down to the local post office to buy stamps and post.



We have been learning about different Celebrations. We planned and carried out a birthday party for Mr Pearson. It was so much fun. We planned food, party games and music and all came in our best party outfits.

We also had a visit from parents from ISCA Church. They came and sang songs to us and talked with us about what it means to be a Christian.



At the Movies

Year 1 have been learning about film and famous people that have influenced film through history. We took a visit to Exeter's Picturehouse Cinema. We travelled there on the train and home on the bus.



Where am I?

Year 1 have been learning about their local area. We took a local area walk and invited our parents in to school to help us to design and build models of our own homes, which we then wrote an infomation page for.



If you go down to the woods today, what will you find...?

As part of our forests topic, the Year 1 children visited Mincinglake Valley Park. We build habitats for wildlife, took part in scavenger hunts and enjoyed an adventurous journey there and back!




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