Year 5

Morwellham Quay

In the Summer Term, the children have been learning about the Victorians. To help us understand what it would have been like living in the Victorian times, we went on a trip to Morwellham Quay. We took part in a Victorian handwriting lesson and experienced the kind of punishments that were used! We went on the mine train which took us underground to see where copper was mined (this was very dark and scary!). We also had the tiring tasks of finding copper in rocks and making rope. These were some of the jobs Victorian children would have to do all day long.  


Exeter City FC

Year 5 got stuck into 7 weeks training program with Exeter City trainers over the Spring term.  The children built up skills in passing, defending and sportsmanship in a variety of fun mini-games and training drills.  They showed some great progress over the term, well done to all.



Exploding volcanoes

In Year 5 we have been learning all about volcanoes!! As part of our learning, children were invited to do an ‘at home’ project! Some of the children chose to make their own paper Mache volcano, and some even found new and interesting ways to make them erupt! Here are a couple of pictures of the lava, spewing out of the craters!



Indoor PE – Balances (Autumn 1st half of term)

We worked together to create group balances using different parts of our bodies to balance on. We worked in pairs to start with, and then worked as bigger groups. The final challenge was to invent our own balance that involved all of the members of our team.





Children in need

We were Super Heroes for the day to raise money for Children in need.

Year 5 visit Paignton Zoo

As part of our rainforests topic, and linked to our ‘life cycles’ science unit, year 5 spent the day at Paignton Zoo! We felt the full force of the humidity in the rainforests section, and really loved being able to see lots of the animals we had been learning about up close! We also learnt about deforest station, and soon we will be using this as inspiration for some English work!!




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