Year 3

There is a Viking in my bed!

Year 3 have been learning all about the terrifying invaders - the Vikings! We have learnt about their weapons and some famous warriors. We also learnt some of their battle tactics!


We made shields on our Viking day and invited our parents to watch our Year 3 battle. We learnt about the Viking society and decided the King and Queen had the best job! We learnt about the long ships and how their designed helped them win battles.

We also reinacted a Viking burial on our fire pit! We decided they were the greatest warriors and would never want to fight against them in battle.



Lights... Camera... Action!

Year 3 are learning about light! We have been learning about different light sources and how light travels in straight lines. We are creating our own Shadow Puppet shows! We had to investigate which material would be best to make shadow puppets. We learnt new science words; opaque, translucent and transparent.  We had to investigate how to make shadows smaller and larger.


We are looking forward to show our puppet shows to our parents when we've filmed them!

Help! I'm an evacuee!

In topic this half term, we have been busy learning about what life was like for children during World War 2. We started off with an immersion day, where we shared our flipped learning and got evacuated! It would have been heart-breaking saying goodbye to our parents, not knowing where we were going, or who was going to look after us.

We learnt a lot about how WW2 affected Exeter during our walking trip. There were photos of the bomb damage displayed by John Lewis, and we found out that the Queen came to visit Exeter shortly after the air raids. Next we walked to St Stephen's Church, just behind Princesshay, which was badly damaged during the war. After that, we went to the Cathedral to look at the poppy exhibition, and saw a First World War British soldier's uniform, which would have been similar to that worn during World War 2. On the way back to school, we walked through Newtown, where bombs had dropped on rows of terraced houses. Some of the gaps have now been filled with newer buildings.

Miss Stanbury's granddad came in to talk to us about his own experience of growing up during the war, and we were able to ask him lots of questions. He told us about seeing the bombers flying overhead on their way to London, and remembered the smoke drifting across the channel shortly before the Dunkirk landings. We liked the sound of only going to school part-time because there was no air raid shelter built, but didn't think the sweet ration was enough.

On Wednesday 13th December, we invited our parents in for the afternoon for a VE (Victory in Europe) Day celebration to share our learning. We made bunting, and party hats, and showed them our project books, the model planes we had made, and listened to some 1940s music.






We will rock you!

In year 3, we have been learning all about different types of rock, fossilisation and the rock cycle! We went to Lyme Regis and went fossil hunting with Chris from the museum.


  We also visited the cememtary to learn about erosion.



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