Willowbrook School Newsletter

19th January 2018

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together”

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have had a lovely week in school. We have invested in lots of equipment for the children at break times and lunch times and they have been really enjoying it. The skipping ropes have been most popular so we are getting some more as there never seem enough to go around!


Children are still enjoying Mathletics and a very special mention to 3S for getting 26, 116 points in a week!

Bronze Award

Maximos P (1D), Chloe S (1D), Ryan B (2AG), Joshua S (2BG), Astiak H (3H) , Marta M (3H), Lily T (3H), Danah A (3S), Callum B (3S), Shakia C (3S), Ellie C (3S), Maisy D (3S), Liam D (3S), Cheyanne G (3S), Jacob H (3S), Lily J (3S), Anthony K (3S), Eduard N (3S), Casper S (3S), Kailin T (3S), Oliver V (3S), Kai H (4H), Jayden S (4W), Steven J (5P), Sarwar R (6BM)

Silver Award

John P (3H), Ferdouse R (4H), Liam K (6W), Arda S (6W)

We need some girls to get silver now!

Help Needed!

I have had a request from a parent of a child who was in year 6 last year. She recorded the end of year performance but no longer has it and would love it if someone had a recording that she could copy. If anyone has, please could they let the office know and we will help sort it out. Thank you.

Friends of Willowbrook Meeting

We had a meeting this week and have sorted out after-school discos for the week commencing 26th March. They have also organised film nights for May. There is lots of planning to do for the Summer Fair, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well done to our Star Readers this week.

They are:

Esther A and Lucas M in 2AG and Sophia K and Lucas B in 2BG

Ellie C and Lily J in 3S and Tristan L and John P in 3H

Alisha S and Belle H in 4H and Katie H and Heidi-Rose M in 4W

Summer G and Paris L in 5B and Mohammed S and Isaac M in 5P

Liam K and Jacob HL in 6W and Sarwar R, Chloe P with Alfie I hot on their tails in 6BM

I think a special mention to Mohammed in Year 5 who has read over a quarter of a million words this term!

Year 6 SATS Revision

There are some helpful links on the website for Year 6 SATS revision; they can be found under Year Groups - Year 6 – SATS.


Dates for the Diary

Monday 22nd January 4pm              Year 6 football league match at St Peter’s School

Tuesday 23rd January 4pm              Year 4 and 5 girls Futsal

Monday 5th February                       Intra School sport afternoon

Tuesday 6th February 10am            Emma Carroll (Author) visiting Years 4, 5 and 6

Thursday 8th February 2pm             Year 1 parents in for Forest School afternoon

Friday 9th February                          Last school day before half term

Monday 19th February                      Back to school after half term

Tuesday 20th February 9am            Young Carers ‘Awful Auntie’ workshop

Tuesday 20th February 10am          Year 1 Multi-skills at St Luke’s

Thursday 22nd February                  Book Fair arrives in school!

Thursday 1st March                          World Book Day – see posters around school and website

Friday 23rd March                            Sport Relief