"Pupils understand the school’s behaviour expectations and follow the ‘Willowbrook Way’ with pride. Staff enforce the school behaviour system consistently. Consequently, pupils feel that they are treated with fairness." - Ofsted, 2022

Our aim is that pupils at Willowbrook School:

  • Demonstrate excellent standards of behaviour

  • Consistently show our values of: Respect, Teamwork, Excellence and Friendship

  • Grow into adults who are polite, respectful, grateful and who put others before themselves

At Willowbrook School, we have a curriculum for behaviour called 'The Willowbrook Way'. This outlines, in precise detail, the behaviours we expect children to learn and exhibit. We believe that as pupils practise positive behaviours, over time they become automatic routines that positively shape how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them. As philosopher Paul Durant states “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” (1926)

The ‘Willowbrook Way’ is also based on the EEF’s Summary of recommendations in the document, ‘Improving Behaviour in Schools’, which states:

  • Consistency and coherence at a whole-school level are paramount
  • Behaviour programmes are more likely to have an impact on attainment outcomes if implemented at a whole-school level

It is important to us that children are rewarded for good behaviour, and also know which behaviours will not be accepted in our school. We make this clear to children by regularly sharing a 'Behaviour Pyramid' document, and our 'In Class Promise', which are both displayed in every classroom. These documents make potential rewards and consequences very clear for the children and support with achieving consistency across the school.

There are four attachments below:

1. 'In Class Promise'

2. 'The Willowbrook Way' Curriculum 

3. Our 'Behaviour Triangles'

4. The Behaviour Pathway (this shows the actions we will take if there is an escalation in a child's behaviour)