Newsletter 15th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Another week has passed and we are getting busier with more children in school. We know you are really busy at home too and it has been fantastic to see so many pictures and clips on our twitter feed. Keep up the good work and just do what you can. Email the year group email if you need advice or talk to the teacher when they phone you.

Places in School

We are booking the places on a fortnightly basis as that seemed to be effective last time. Each fortnight, we will activate the link on a Wednesday morning and then close it on Friday lunchtime. You will have been sent a link if we have agreed that we can offer you a place. If you have not been sent a link, it means we have not offered a school place.

We are using the government’s guidance and realise that some people may be disappointed at not getting a place, but we must focus on the safety of children, families and staff and reduce transmission in the community.

We are really grateful to parents who are taking up places only on days when they are working and unable to take care of their children; this helps us to be reaching more children.

New for Next Week!

Next week we are going to start a live daily check in with the class teachers. There are details sent with this newsletter. We have learnt from the previous lockdown, that what children really missed was seeing their friends. This live check in will allow the children to see their classmates as well as their teacher.

Home Learning

A huge thank you to those parents at home, supporting children to access their learning online. We know it is not always easy, but we are all learning new skills at the moment! This time, you will notice there are a lot more videos that teachers have recorded. This is because feedback from children and families was that children missed seeing their teacher’s faces. We are not doing ‘live’ teaching as this means logging on at a specified time and we are very aware that siblings are sharing devices. We are trying to build as much flexibility into the system as we can.

Please make sure that you don’t stay glued to a laptop or tablet all day...remember to get active with Miss Stanbury’s challenges and get creative with art and music.

Our Hedge

Some parents have expressed concern about the trees that have been removed from the hedge in the front playground. Sadly, they were suffering from Ash dieback and Dutch elm disease, so they had become unsafe. We are looking at planting some new trees to replace those felled.

Summer Lane

The plan is for the road to be opened before the end of this month! I know you will be cheering to that news! They are tarmacking the road this week and then it will not be long until it opens fully.