Newsletter 20th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Another busy week in school with lots to think about. We are trying to keep up to date with any changes, but please let us know if there is anything that is missed. Just to clarify, we open the gates at 8.20 and no one should be on site earlier than that. We are still asking that only one person per family collects to keep to a minimum the number of people on the school site.

Before and After-School Clubs

These are getting busier again and are a very useful resource for working parents! Bookings need to be made on the school gateway.

Free School Meals

Thank you to people who have followed this up. It really is worth checking whether you are eligible.  If your children’s year group self isolates and you are entitled to free school meals, then we have arranged with Morrison’s that they will deliver a pack to your home to provide lunches while they are off. We chose this way of doing it as they deliver so that families who are self-isolating do not have to leave their home.


We have added some new information to our website which we hope parents will find useful. You can find it under the Covid-19 tab.

Reception 2021

The admissions process is now open for children needing a school place for September 2021.  Applications are open until mid-January and even if you are in our nursery, you still need to make an application. If you need any help with your application, please do ask.

Friends of Willowbrook

Elfridges - we will be running a Christmas shop where children can choose a gift for parent/s, grandparents or carers. A gift list will be sent to the classes for the children to pick which gift they would like to buy and we will get the gift wrapped and ready for them to take home. You can buy the gift using our website or by asking your class teacher for a form. We have done this for Mother’s and Father’s Day and the children really enjoy choosing a gift for their special person. 

Gifts from Santa - unfortunately Santa can’t visit us this year, although he is hoping to send a video message to the children, but we are able to do gifts and a personalised letter from him, again you can order this through our website or getting a form from you class teacher.

Raffle - we are currently collecting prizes for a raffle so please keep an eye out for that. 


Christmas cards are still available online so if you haven’t already please check them out. 

Username: Willowbrook

Password: T26RhdKt

School Meals

The new menus seem to be going down well as do the new arrangements for serving them, still in a covid-secure way.

Children who have packed lunches can choose to order a portion of chips on a Friday for 50p. This is paid for on the gateway or your child can bring 50p in to school on the day! We have some children who have ordered a side of chips with their chips…there is no need to do this!

Just to clarify again, you can order dinners on the day and the cost is £2.30. Please pay using the gateway.

Please select 'Parents' then 'School Dinner Menu' for the updated menu.