Our aim is that pupils at Willowbrook School:

  • Develop sound scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding;
  • Understand the nature, processes and methods of science, 
  • Learn to think, speak and write like scientists;
  • Understand the uses and implications of science;
  • Develop a wide scientific vocabulary, using correct terminology when discussing or talking about scientific ideas.

In our science lessons, we ensure that children learn the scientific knowledge required in order to think scientifically. We believe that children who have deep scientific understanding go on to make more insightful observations, describe patterns and classify effectively. Our pupils carry out comparative and fair tests, drawing on their knowledge to make thoughtful predictions and to make considered conclusions.

There are three attachments below:

1. A vertical progression map showing the journey our pupils take as scientists at Willowbrook School.

2. An example Unit Overview for our Y3 Rocks, Fossils and Soils Unit. We have created a detailed unit like this for every unit our pupils will study during their time at Willowbrook School.