Our aim is that pupils at Willowbrook School:

  • Develop automaticity of the basics. Instant recall of basic facts and written calculation methods frees up pupils' working memories, enabling them to experience greater success when reasoning and problem-solving.
  • Become fluent mathematicians. Fluency goes beyond automaticity, and consists of accuracy, flexibility and efficiency. We only enable children to become fluent mathematicians when they reason through fluency, having discussions such as "Which approach is most efficient method and why?"
  • Access their age-appropriate curriculum content. All pupils are capable of achieving in Mathematics. A mastery approach ensures that the vast majority of children move through the curriculum at broadly the same pace.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Mathematics. Pupils are given lots of opportunities to deepen their thinking. We believe that children become successful at reasoning when they see teachers modelling this regularly, when they are asked probing questions, and when they are given the time and space to think about big ideas. 
The following image captures some extra information about the teaching of Maths at Willowbrook School:
Maths Curriculum Approach
The White Rose schemes of learning can be found here and these units are also featured in our Y1-6 overview on this page
There are four attachments below:
1. A document which outlines the NC progression within White Rose.
2. Our calculation policy.
3. Our Nursery Maths curriculum.
4. Our Reception Maths Curriculum.