School Uniform

The Willowbrook school uniform consists of:

  • Turquoise sweatshirt with the school logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Black/grey skirt or trousers (not leggings)
  • Dark socks
  • Black shoes (not trainers).


PE kit

  • White t-shirt
  • Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Trainers.


Sweatshirts can be purchased from Thomas Moore in Exeter but we also sell them at school. They are on sale in the Reception Office.

The prices are as follows:

  • Age3/4 (24")              £10.00
  • Age 5/6 (26")             £10.00
  • Age 7/8 (28")             £10.00
  • Age 9/10  (30")          £10.00
  • Age 11/12 (32")         £10.00
  • Age 13 (34")              £10.00


Please remember to put your child's name in all items of clothing and PE bags etc. 

Earrings: Please note that, in the interest of safety, children are only permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings.  If your child comes into school with more than this they will be asked to remove them.