Our aim is that pupils at Willowbrook School:

  • Have a secure knowledge of the locations of significant places and get the opportunity to 'visit' every continent during their learning as geographers;
  • Develop a deep interest in different places, the purposes they serve and how humans interact with/depend on them;
  • Understand the physical and human characteristics of different environments, and their interdependence;
  • Develop a wide geographical vocabulary, using correct terminology when discussing or writing about geographical topics.

There are four attachments below:

1. A visual progression map showing the journey our pupils take as geographers at Willowbrook School.

2. You will see 'EYFS' mentioned at the start of the visual progression map. For more information about what Geography in the Early Years looks like, open the attachment called 'EYFS and NC links' or visit the curriculum overviews page to look at the EYFS themes in more detail.

3. An example Unit Overview for our Y4 Kenya Unit. We have created a detailed unit like this for every unit our pupils will study during their time at Willowbrook School.

4. Finally, you can open a document outlining how our curriculum supports the progression within the subject disciplines of Geography.