Covid-19 Information for Parents

Dear parents,


All information relating to Covid-19 can be found under this tab


1. Future bookings for childcare

To make booking your children into school simpler we are moving to using google-forms for this, on a two-weekly cycle. Therefore, if you require care from 13th - 21st July, please follow this link and complete the form:


Remember, this care is only for those who meet the government’s strict criteria, which we have shared in previous emails.


2. Free School Meal vouchers

The government has just announced that it is launching a national Free School Meals voucher scheme for families who are eligible. We are in the process of getting this set up for Willowbrook School so that after Easter those of you who should receive free school meals will be sent vouchers that you can use in local supermarkets. It will be very important we have everybody’s correct email addresses, so please do encourage other parents to check with us that we have their correct details on file.

3. Exercise Books

Please use this link to request new exercise books for your children:

Thank you once again for your continued support and understanding during this time.


Best wishes,

Willowbrook School